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We are here to

your goods safely, quickly, with professional treatment of your belongings. Of course with the best price!!

We are here to
Transport CY

your goods safely, quickly, with professional treatment of your belongings. Of course with the best price!!

We are here to

your belongings for certain period of time. Please note: All goods are insured!

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Services We Provide

There are many services we provide for our customers. Please see below some of these services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I write on the boxes?

Your surname will be enough, even though destination and numbering (Ie. 1-5, 2-5…5-5) would be helpful. On the collection we will issue a receipt for you with the total number of items and the recipient details (name, address,tel,e-mail).

Are my belongings insured or I need to buy extra insurance?

You don’t have to pay extra for insurance as it is included in the cost. The lorries are covered with CMR insurance and the van has GIT(goods in transit) insurance in place. If you have electronic devices in the boxes you would be asked to prove that there was in a working condition In the unlikely situation of damage.

When I need to pay, do you accept credit cards and can I pay in Euros?

We are UK registered company, so we only accept payments in GBP in UK. We can do some special agreement and accept payments in Greece or Cyprus but this is something that it needs to be arranged in advance. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit or debit cards, only cash or/and bank transfers.

Are duty free allowances the same as at the airports?

NO ! The law does not allow to send alcohol and cigarettes abroad, it is forbidden. Every lorry is scaned at the customs and if they find forbidden items they foreclose them and if the quantity is big, they press charges against the sender and the transporter. Apart from these items, you can send everything else you could imagine including food and groceries that can last for 10 days. Olive oil is acceptable ideally in a wooden box or double wall cardboard.

If I send my TV, Should I write FRAGILE on the box ?

Ofcourse you can, electronic devices such as PCs, monitors, TVs, guitars etc are safe if they are in its original boxes or properly packaged. Fragile sign is helpful but even more helpful is to let us know that there is a fragile device, so we can handle it accordingly.

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Our goal is to provide an outstanding service to our customers; we aim to provide a high quality service at very competitive prices.
Our service offers our customers piece of mind, as we provide regular updates on their goods and they are able to track their goods at any time of the day.
We also ensure that our customers are supported through the customs process and our customs procedures are easy to follow.
Contact us now for a free quote and a member of our professional team will be able to give you more information on our services and answer any questions you may have.
They will also be able to demonstrate how competitive our prices are.
Our main aim is our customers’ satisfaction!
Here are Transport24 we can provide you with the following services:
• Packing and preparing your goods
• Collection of your goods
• Storage of your goods
• Delivery of your goods
• Support and advice regarding customs procedures
Are you planning to relocate your home or business?
Are you looking for a company who can safely and quickly transport your goods?
You are in the right place! Here are Transport24, we can provide you with these services at a very competitive price. Read More>>

Why Us

You Transport24 has a weekly presence in most cities in Great Britain. We have a high quality fleet of vehicles and carrying extensive checks in all areas of our business. We work with professional and personal clients to transport their goods; we manage freight receipts-deliveries, transportation of personal items and relocation removals. With our highly trained staff, appropriate equipment and extreme care we treat your items as if they were our own.