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Our packaging service has always been one of the most popular services we provide and our experience in this area speaks for itself. Whether the item is an individual item (e.g. a piece of furniture, a TV or a motorcycle) or a complete packaging of household effects (including fragile items, bulky appliances, mattresses, etc).
Due to the situation over the past couple of years with the pandemic, the demand for packaging arose in the absence of the owner, as a result of people becoming stranded abroad and needing their belongings to be sent to them or placed into storage. We developed our services to ensure that our customer feel confident with our service. If the customer has secured access to the space, we make a video call and the customer guides us step by step through the sorting and packing of their personal belongings. Once this process is completed, there is another video call to confirm the condition of the space and things. The packaged belonging are then store or transported depending on the customer’s instructions. This service has also been used by customers who want to avoid the inconvenience preparing to move. We really can take care of everything!

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